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Aug. 12th, 2008 | 06:41 pm

i got hit on for the third time in 2 weeks today.
and one of the guys wore a slayer shirt.

but whatever.

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Aug. 12th, 2008 | 08:59 am

i have to be to work in 30 mins!
but i have to stop off at the ol starbucks for some green tea. yum.
After getting off work i was going to go smog my car and register it but...
the CP girl wants to reschedule the interview for today.
so im going to run over to Danville and hope to be back for my meeting at 6.
It will be cutting it close but it might just might work.

I really want this job cause with it and clinque and sandra ill be making about....$$4500 a month. ooooh yeeeeah.

So since jilliann is going to be here for the birth of the puppies...i think she should help me. since ima have 2 litters! yes yes?

And as i had previously mentioned...my last day off was the 3rd. The next day off the 22nd. I now have to work Thursday.

so my next day off is my birfday.

8.22 = death

anyways. im off to save the world.

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Aug. 10th, 2008 | 11:27 pm

ok so i work today..like i do almost everyday.
and i work with holly for a few hours as well.
shes like la la la lets go to dinner...
so i totally have a meeting to go to, and im way psyched about it...oddly.
It meets at 6-7.
i get off work, run over there and there is a girl, or rather women, waiting as well.
i get out and she says she missed the last meeting blah blah ad we chat for like 30 mins because the meeting never happened...it was a no show on the main person.
So anyways. im going Tuesday at 6pm.
then i call holly and we are going to meet at el senior frogs.
i get there and am reading my totally weird book on outer space aliens and whatnot.
she gets there and gets out and her tire is like gushing air.
Being girls, and not having a clue what to do we drive over to chevron to fill it up and put a leak thing in it to stop the air untill tomarrow.
Neither work.
Her tire is just going flat.
She has no spare because tis on anther wheel but the security gaurd helps.
We are desperately looking for a tire to fit on her car, we tap into all our resources
no one can help.
we are stuck at the chevron for HOURS.
finally she gets a spare and the security puts it on for her.
but not before she almost kills someone because he was an ass.
gets the security guard to fall madly in love with her.
makes friends with a gay guy who she previously hated.
so then her friend shows up right as leslie pulls in.
yah. so i spent my evening rocking out at the dang chevron.
oh then the weird high guy shows up too.

so that was my ever eventful night.
now im going to bed because tomorrow i need to complete the following.

♥ work 10:45-2...can we say suck ass hours?
♥ find smog shop
♥ fix school schedule
♥ clean house
♥ warsh hair.
♥ warsh clothes.

order cable....

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Aug. 9th, 2008 | 09:24 pm

the make up turned out pretty dang good. Im too tired to post, and edit and load it right now tho. And not to mention my Paint Shop somehow got messed up and says i need to reinstall it but its like the 7th edition, which i love more than the 10 that i bought for 150. Anyways. I cannot edit photos until i bust out my computer savvy skills and fix it. but since my next day off is Thursday. last one being....uh...oh yah...last sunday. as in a week ago. im so tired to give a crap right now and wanna be in bed but im helping the mom put hardwood or rather fake hardwood floors in the bed room. So we can put her new bed in. And wham. there you have it.

I think ill go vintage tomorrow. but damn, i have no vintage shirt.

oh my department manager and i had a heart to heart. she totally loves me. i know this cause she texted to to lesile who then showed me. I also got a lecture about how i am not allowed to do more than my part when leslie goes. holly will be in charge of cleaning and ill have the more important/ managerly duties. its cause i rock. This is 'proly going to rereally lead to them offering me counter manager like they were talking about. But im not driving to Elk Grove for $14 and hour. sorry. well maybe i would. who knows.

So i made $80 bucks in about 1.5 hours today. 1 of which i worked, the other i sat there being offered food, wondering why Mexicans butcher cows in their garages. So i left rich and in just a short few hours my money was gone. But it was worth it...i got these two little girls a bunch of clothes. The littlest just had her only pair of jeans stolen. that sucks. cause i so know how it feels to only have one pair of pants and wham..something happens. granted i just didn't fit them no mo.

and with that...a little reffer for all y'all..

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Aug. 8th, 2008 | 11:21 pm

sigh. i just paid bills and now im poor again! and i only just got paid! Oh well i guess its ok because i have bought quite a few clothes as of late!

tomorrow is the day i do the make-up for the Quinceanera so woot woot on that. Thats like $100 bucks! and just so you wonderful people out there know...THE FREAKING HUSTLERS BACK. DIZZAM. So im doing make up on this girl today, who tells me shes getting married..blah blah..asks about prices for makeovers on that day. I tell her well its like a 2 item purchase, so like 30+ bucks. but then...im like wait just a min here...so im like come here..cause others cannot hear. And i say to her "ill do it for $20 bucks a girl. Ill go to your house. I bring make up." So she says "you would? i was going to ask. i was scared. that would be helpfull." YEAHHHH ME. go laura oh yah oh yah.

so i think that im going to buy all the shades of make up and make cards and start a little side bizznazz. why not right? im so much more confident in it now then when i started. hell maybe ill even go to LA and become a movie star makeup artist.

anyways. i have a long ol day tomorrow. Oh and i meet the kids im going to adopt as my little sisters. Were going shopping! i lllloooooveee shopping. it makes me smile. CAUSE IM IN MY SKINNY JEANS. OHHHH YAH LETS REEEEJOYCE. SIZZZE 16. ok maybe like 16.5. almost tho!

and for some eye candy...c'est moi.

.Rockin' your effe me pumps.Collapse )

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Aug. 7th, 2008 | 10:01 am

yes. been married 8 months today.

on another note...i have like $3.00 and need like $300 for bills.
but whatever right? the boob job was so more important.

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yes, i love almost dying.

Aug. 6th, 2008 | 09:24 am

ok so this morning im totally dirving to work. Its my livermroe day so im crusing along almost in the heart of tracy. Still in construction zone. And WHAM out of know where the person, or silver beattle, like brakes so hard.

They then turn sideways to prevent hitting the cream 1976 truck in front of them (also cause of problem). I have like feet to spot. so i ver off onto the side just as the bettle is totally turning.

So im pushing my brakes for dear life skidding, burning rubber, making horrid screaching sounds...and then i feel my car start to spin out. So im lik oh my gosh. I have to turn really hard but as im doing this there is a huge like 17 passanger van with only 2 fhillipinos in it comming right at my side. They they have to slide sideways as another car almost hits them. I was like millimeters from hitting the car in front of me and even closer to being hit.

so i totally almost pooped my pants this morning. no lie. I have to give my self a pat on the back because i didnt black out at all..ok well only a little. But i made it out safely. I am so happy that i paid attention to all my driving lessons over the last 2 years.

After everyone got controll i was just shaking. it was so scary. and i have to give my self another pat on the back. then i started to cry alittle, but no tears feel or anything. But i wanted to make my comfort call i have been so accustomed to being able to make...and i didnt.

anywho. sandra took the boys to a movie and devin is sleeping. so im doing laundry and took a moment to post my almost near death experenice.

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Aug. 5th, 2008 | 09:18 pm

i have an interview tomorrow for a job thats 30 hours a week, $21-28 and hour. not bad eh?
So thank heavens i got fired before i started the other job.

I totally just sprained my ankle and it hurts so much.

so i had to get auto insurance today because i have not had access to part of my mail over the last few weeks and they sent a letter saying me debit card didn't work (see loosing wallet) and due to no receiving it my insurance was canceled. YAY! $120 and an empty bank account later i am insured and ready to go go.

i have a massive headache, prolly due to not being able to sleep the past week. I go to bed fairly early and toss and turn for hours.

I have also lost more weight and now none of my clothes fit. So im glad i got some more clothes yesterday because im being swallowed by my small pants! oi.

i ate the worst taco bell of my life tonight. Victoria and i went there on our way to run errands for Heidi. She is going pretty good after her surgery. But has been bed ridden since and now has a fever so she thinks she may have an infection.

Kevin and Sara also are doing good, they almost lost their house, there was the telegraph fires up where they live and it was creeping to their house. It was about 2 miles away and they had warnings of evacuations.

and as for me. i only cried 3 times today. pretty dang good if i say so my self.

anyways. time to wash my hair and go to bed. i have work in the morning. i need a day off. working 7 days a week can be tiring.

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Aug. 5th, 2008 | 10:18 am

ok so i totally got hired as a nanny for this family in brentwood.
I officially started Monday.
well today she called to say that she cannot heir me.


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Aug. 3rd, 2008 | 09:10 pm

something is not right.
i can feel it.
im nervous...anxious really.
my heart is pounding in the bottom of my stomach.
i feel it creeping up.
my mind keeps wondering.
i feel like i have been pumped with some sort of adrenaline.
i just read a 600 page book.
no wait 750 page book.
it didn't help.
and it was freaking breaking dawn.
i cannot explain this feeling.
i have felt it before.
and then i was right.
please dont let me be right.
i wont sleep tonight.

i need a distraction.

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